2023-09-24 / Release Note 1.4.31

Release Date: 24.09.2023

Deployed on STAGE and LIVE

Panel v1.4.31

  • Remove thumbnail placeholder from complex object
  • The „Use file” button is blinking if there are assets in the view with an unsupported rendition selected and a supported rendition available.
  • There is an additional action in the context menu which opens the „Use file” dialog.
  • There is an overlay in the asset thumbnail with an orange info circle which opens the „Use file” dialog.
  • The “Use file” dialog is blinking if opened though the context menu or the info circle button.
  • There is a text hint in the „Use file” dialog explaining what is going on.


  • Compatibility check with version 6.3

Admiral Cloud v1.0.28

  • improved  filters to ignore undefined values in filter options

Celum REST v1.0.12

  • improved SSO login by using .well-known endpoint and fix redirectURI

Veeva v1.1.4

  • enable File upload of unclassified documents on STAGE system
  • set max Upload Size to 75 MB

Sitecore v1.0.46

  • Display Basic and Multi-Stage projects on lvl 1
  • Display Basic Projects Assets on lvl 2
  • Display Multi-Stage Projects Stages on lvl 2
  • Display Stages Assets on lvl 3

Widen collective (Acquia DAM) v1.0.43

  • Improved the loading bar when uploading a file

Pixelboxx v1.0.71

  • Improved the loading bar when uploading a file