2023-10-08 / Release Notes 1.4.33 + 1.4.32

Release Date: 08.10.2023


  • Tooltip improvement on the asset custom data view

Panel in Figma

  • Implement selection export: The user can select an image or multiple images and upload them to the DAM System as a png or jpg.

Panel in Adobe Express

  • The following integrations have been activated on Adobe express: imageshop, admiralcloud, censhare, mediagraph, omn, pixelboxx, sitecore, workdocs, siteFusion
  • Enabled direct asset upload, download and thumbnail loading on the following integrations: box, google photos

Censhare v1.0.29

  • New known host added.

Papirfly v1.0.5

  • implement known Hosts mechanism to allow adding new hosts as trusted ones.
  • refactor login process
  • rename the integration from Papirfly to Papirfly Legacy
  • Enable Papirfly on LIVE
  • Add contact information
  • Multiple minor bug fixes