2023-09-17 / Release Notes 1.4.30

Release date 17.09.2023


  • Add beta system to the HubSpot "dev group" which will give the developers access to the new dev server
dev group
New development server and renaming of localhost
  • Add a new integration capability which allows the integration to have their folders not cached and to always refreshed when opened
  • Add a create folder option capability which allows the integration to have a granular control on which folder has which options when creating it.
dev groupCreate folder options
  • Improvement: task assets refreshes multiple times
  • display thumbnail placeholder in asset detail when no thumbnail is available
  • Added the integration categories to all integrations
Integration categories
Integration categories


Papirfly v1.0.4

  • Improved the asset width and height

Sitecore v1.0.45

  • Improved local of undefined error reported by sitecore

Sitefusion v1.0.19

  • Enable alwaysRefreshFolders: which disables the folders caching and forces the panel to request the folder content every time.