2023-11-20 / RELEASE NOTE 1.4.41

Release date 20.11.2023

Celum Rest v1.0.14

  • Improved dropdown values.
  • Add additional information on not licensed/not enabled error message.
  • Minor improvements.

NetX v1.0.25

  • Improved the asset version Id which caused some issues when updating assets via the link panel.

Picturepark v1.0.43

  • Show assets in complex objects.
  • Implemented asset versioning.
  • improvement of the creation date filter.

Figma (Host integration):

  • Improved export selection: fixed a bug that caused the wrong positioning of some elements when exporting a selection of assets

Admiral cloud (New features)

  • Add IPTC metadata fields
  • Add custom metadata
  • Make the "Asset Type" filter dynamic in relation with the current search results.
  • Show the correct total asset count
  • Sort the search fields
  • Improvement: Map production country filters to the right countries
  • Filter by language
  • Extend the licence metadata: by adding the rights and restrictions