2023-07-31 / Release Note 1.4.22

Release date: 31.07.2023

Panel v1.4.22
  • Adobe UXP update
  • New link panel 
  • Folders Bookmarks 
  • Added a deeplink-button to the new license portal in the buy view.
HenrySchein v1.0.25
  • Added Live config
  • Live Released of the henry schein integration
Sitefusion v1.0.18
  • Improve custom Metadata Columns to display i18n Names
  • Introduce new ‘restrictSameNameUpdatesOnly’ Capability
  • If this is set to ‘true’, updateAsset is only possible if the selected file has the same Filename as the asset which was selected to be updated
  • translations for the warning other than german & english was done by deepl via english -> language translation