How do I manage my Licenses as License Admin?

Step one: Setup

  • Your Reseller will add your Email into the list for the License Admin.
    You will recieve a "License Admin invitation Email"
  • Follow the steps in the Email to finish your registration for the Portal
  • Login via ""

Step two: Manage your License Pool
  • Under Basic Information, you can find our "Account Management Guide"

    Under "My Subscriptions" you can find your assigned License Pools
  • Now click on the Gear on the right and select "Manage --------- Licenses". In this case its "Manage Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses".  This will vary, depending on what kind of Pool has been assigned to your Company.
  • In the next Window you can now add all the Users that are supposed to be in the Pool
  • Once the Email is added, they will also recieve an invitation email for the Pool. They only have to finish their registration by following the steps in the Email and creating a password. 

  • Now they can use our Product with a full Licence